Q: I am interested in looking at a flat that is available. How do I arrange a viewing?
A: Call the landlord, Robert, on 07973 114602.

Q: What do I do if I have decided to rent one of your flats?
A: Agree with me that you will rent the flat from a certain date, pay a holding deposit of £200 to reserve the flat, give me information so that I can obtain references and perform a credit check, sign the tenancy agreement and pay the remainder of the deposit.

Q: Why must I pay a holding deposit?
A: If you have said that you want to rent the flat and have paid a holding deposit I will stop marketing the flat and will not entertain offers from others. If you then change your mind before signing the tenancy agreement I must remarket the flat. I will then retain the holding deposit to compensate me for that lost time.

Q: What happens to the holding deposit once I have signed the tenancy agreement?
A: The dilapidations deposit of one month's rent will be made up of the holding deposit plus a further payment made at the time of signing the tenancy agreement.

Q: Why must you take references and perform a credit check?
A: I am entrusting you with a valuable property and furnishings and am expecting to receive regular rental payments. I need to be comfortable that you can afford to pay the rent and that you have performed properly with respect to previous landlords and agreements relating to money.

Q: Will I be able to rent a flat from you if I have left my previous job and but don't yet have an employment contract from the next employer?
A: Not until you have a signed contract from your next employer. I need to be comfortable that you have a certain and regular income so that you can pay the rent.

Q: I am a single parent with a child. Will you rent me the flat?
A: No. The flat can accommodate two adults who share the double bed. There is not enough space for a cot or a second bed. These flats are all city centre flats which are not set up to accommodate children.

Q: Can I rent a parking place?
A: Three of the four flats have parking places which can be rented at an extra cost of £60 per month.

Q: Besides the deposit and first month's rent what other amounts are payable at the beginning of the tenancy?
A: I levy no other charges.

Q: How quickly can I move in?
A: If the flat is already empty you can normally move in within a few days, once the references and credit checks have been completed satisfactorily.

Q: What is the inventory and statement of condition?
A: It lists all the furniture and appliances in the flat and notes anything which is not in pristine order. You check it and sign it when you move in and we refer to it again when you return the flat to me at the end of the tenancy period.

Q: I would like to rent the flat unfurnished?
A: That will not be possible.

Q: Can I move some of your furniture out to storage?
A: No. The furniture must remain in the flat.

Q: Can I move some of my own furniture into the flat and use it in addition to that already there?
A: Only one or two specific pieces which are agreed with me in advance. The flat is already fully furnished and there is a limit to how much more can be safely added.

Q: Who pays the utility bills during my tenancy period?
A: You do. They include electricity, gas (if available), water and telephone. You are also responsible for paying council tax and the TV licence.

Q: How do I transfer the utility bills into my name?
A: We will read the meters together when you move in and I will then give you the telephone numbers of all the utility companies. We each call them with the readings, which causes them to send me a final bill and to change the account into your name.

Q: What do I do if I am having difficulty paying the rent?
A: Call me and talk to me about it. We need to jointly agree a course of action that is acceptable to both of us. Do not wait until you fail on a rental payment.

Q: Is it acceptable for my friends from Australia to stay with us for a few months?
A: No. The flats have a maximum occupancy of two adults. The flats will take undue wear, and will be difficult to clean properly, if more than two people are living there. It is acceptable for a friend to stay overnight but not as a regular or prolonged experience.

Q: I want to go away for a few months. Can I sublet the flat to my friend?
A: No you may not sublet the flat. If your friend wants to take out a new tenancy agreement directly with me I will be happy to discuss it.

Q: Who is responsible for fixing the washing machine, oven, fridge or shower if they stop working?
A: The landlord.

Q: How quickly are repairs done?
A: If water is running in the flat an emergency plumber will be called to attend to the matter within hours. If there is a problem with the hot water or heating I will try and get it fixed within 48 hours. Less urgent matters e.g. the shower over the bath or the washing machine not working will normally be fixed within a week.

Q: Must I do anything special if I plan to be away for a long time?
A: If you plan to be away during the winter you must leave the thermostat on at least 100C to protect the pipes from freezing. If you plan to be away for longer than four weeks you should tell me as I will need to visit the property in your absence to keep the insurance valid.

Q: When can I give notice to end the tenancy agreement?
A: With one months notice, at any time, so long as the end date is at least six months after the start of the tenancy agreement.

Q: How do I give notice?
A: In writing to the landlord's address on the tenancy agreement or by email.

Q: How do I hand back the flat at the end of the tenancy?
A: At the agreed hand back time ensure that all your personal belongings are out of the flat and that the flat has been fully cleaned including the oven, hob and fridge. We will then use the inventory agreed at the beginning of the tenancy to check that everything is still there in a good condition.

Q: What is the most common reason for deductions from the deposit?
A: Stained mattresses.

Q: When do I get my deposit back?
A: Within a few days of the landlord receiving proof of payment of final utility bills.

Q: How is the deposit repaid?
A: Normally by direct transfer to the bank account used to pay the rent.

Q: Will you give me a good reference to my next landlord?
A: If the rent has been paid on time, the flat is returned in good order and you have complied with the tenancy agreement a good reference will be provided quickly on request from the new landlord.